High Build Primer Sanding

MaxMeyer tutorial on sanding primer and panels for topcoat application.



Step 1

Using guide coat powder, apply coats to the panels for the sanding of the primer to enable the repair of any imperfections to be easily seen.

Step 2

Using a P320 grit strip with a dust extracted block, connect it to a dust extraction unit.

Step 3

Block sand the repairs to required profile, removing any imperfections as well.

Step 4

Once the repair has been sanded to the required profile, apply the guide coat powder to the panels for the next sanding process of the MaxMeyer Primer. Again to let you see the scratches from the block sanding and any imperfections left.

Step 5

Using a quality DA sander with a P500 DA Disc attached to a dust extraction unit, sand the panels ready for the application of the topcoat.

Step 6

For the blend panels attach a P1000 film disc and sand the whole of the blend panel.

Step 7

Then blow the panels dry removing any surface dust from the panels.

Step 8

Apply MaxMeyer pre-cleaner with a spray applicator to the panels and wipe dry with a quality cloth. The panels are now ready for masking for topcoat.

Reference: http://www.maxmeyerplus.co.uk

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