Masking for High Build Primer

A MaxMeyer Tutorial on how to mask a vehicle prior to primer application.



Step 1

Clean the panel with a MaxMeyer degreaser using a spray applicator (only use an applicator for compliant degreasers).

Step 2

Wipe the panel down clean with a quality clean cloth.

Step 3

Back mask the door edge to keep the overspray from the primer out of the shuts.

Step 4

Soft edge roll the masking tape and apply the tape to the sway of the door. This gives a soft edge to the primer when its applied. 

Step 5

Sheet the car over with plastic sheeting. Cut the sheeting around the primed area and mask to the vehicle body.

Step 6

Pul the sheeting tight to the vehicle body. The vehicle is now ready for high build primer.


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