Gerko Anti-Hologram Polish 1LT

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Gerko Anti-Hologram Polish is the newest generation of intelligent, self-grinding aluminium oxide abrasive grains for the permanent removal of streaks, holograms, fine scratches and sanding marks to P3000 grain size on all paint systems.

The use of highly specialized, extremely homogenous abrasive bodies creates a brilliant permanent high gloss finish under extreme light conditions, even on dark and sensitive shades. Holograms and fine scratches are eliminated and not covered over which is often the case. Gerko anti-hologram polish is extremely economical, easy to polish and removable without leaving traces.

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• Perfect to remove holograms and micro-scratches
• High efficiency
• High gloss level
• Silicone-free, solvent-free
• Easy clean up
• Waterbased
• Low dust formation

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