Novol for Classic Car Blue Light 3.2kg – Light weight multifunctional putty


– A product designed and dedicated for renovation of classic cars

– Fine fillers

– Super light putty

– Very easy application

– Very smooth surface

– Very easy treatment

– The colour changes as polymerisation proceeds.

£28.99 Price: (inc VAT)


Novol for Classic Car Blue Light is an overall body levelling product designed for Classic Car Restoration. The fillers and resin compounds applied in these products are state of the art solutions in chemical engineering which ensure the best finish when used in combination with the know-how of classic car renovation professionals.

Note that the Novol for Classic Car Blue light features the mixing indicator. This is the polymerisation process indicator developed by NOVOL R&D Centre. The mixing indicator enables a visual assessment of the putty to hardener mixing ratio to make sure the putty layer will be cured throughout its thickness.

Pay for quality and reduce the large cost of mistakes.

Classic Car Restoration is a huge investment and the Novol for Classic Car system has quality in mind for each product and each step of the process. Quality features such as colour changing filler giving a visual quality check to proceed to the next stage, aluminium particles in certain fillers for heat sensitive areas or Epoxy Primers with gloss finishes to highlight imperfections and reduce filler work. Pay for quality and reduce the large cost of mistakes.

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Technical Data

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