ROAR 813 Swirl Remover 500ml

ROAR 813 Swirl Remover

– Removes swirl marks, holograms and light blemishes
– Restores faded paintwork
– High gloss finish and enhanced colour

By Hand:
1) Shake well before use
2) Add a small amount of ROAR Swirl Remover to a ROAR Microfibre cloth
3) With even pressure move the cloth forwards and backwards over the scratches with a 50% overlap. Change direction regularly.
4) Check scratches have been removed, reapply if necessary.
5) Wipe clean with a ROAR microfibre cloth.

By Machine:
1) Shake well before use
2) Apply suitable amount of Swirl Remover onto a ROAR Applicator Black Waffled Pad
3) Before switching on the drill spread the compound evenly on the surface
4) Run the drill at 1200-1600rpm
5) Work product until it starts to turn clear
6) Wipe with a clean ROAR Microfibre cloth

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