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Soudal Anti-Gravel

Anti Gravel provides a protective layer against rust, salt, sand and stones.
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– 1kg or Aerosol

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– When dry, provides a tough elastic film excellent resistance to gravel.
– Does not contain bitumen nor asphalt
– Can be painted or sprayed over.
– The dry layer is not affected by water nor solvents
Protects the sides and underside of cars against gravel and rust
Layer also helps counter noise and vibration, a.o. in the wheelarches.
Method: clean the underside of the car carefully, making sure it is dry and grease free. Cover areas not to be treated. Shake before use. Anti-gravel
can be applied with a brush or roller but best results are obtained with a pressure gun or air gun in undiluted form. (recommended pressure: ±4bar;
gunopening: 2-4mm)
Application temperature: +10°C to +25°C
Cleaning: Acetone or any other solvent
Repair with: Anti Gravel


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Weight 1142.0000 kg
Dimensions 9.0000 × 9.0000 × 25.0000 cm


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