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Metal Plastic Standard is a two component polyester putty based on unsaturated polyester resins.

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– 2 components
– Very easy to apply
– Fast curing
– Excellent adhesion on all metals, even nonferro metals and zinc-
coated substrates, polyester, wood
– Flexible
– Filling of dents, scratches and craks on car body and parts made from
non-ferro metals or zinc coated steel, polyester
– Repair of damages on boats, surf boards etc.
Method: Mix 2% B-component with the A-component. Ensure thorough mixing to achieve a homogeneous mixture. Do not mix more than can be applied within 5 minutes. Never deviate from the prescribed mixing ratio
between A- and B-component. Every deviation of this mixting ratio will adverse the curing of the product and the final mechanical properties.
Apply the mixed product by means of a spatula in a thin layer to the surface. Apply the filler in several layers if necessary. The putty can be sanded after 20 to 30 mins. Depending on ambient termperature.
After curing repair can be continued (sanding, drilling, painting).
Application temperature: +10°C to +25°C
Cleaning: Uncured Metal Plastic Universal may be removed from tools with Acetone. Cured Metal Plastic Universal must be removed mechanically.
Repair with: Metal Plastic Universal

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