Spectral Wave 2.0 Smart Scheme Complete

75 Bottle Smart Scheme (1x 1 Litre, 1x 500ml, 17x 250ml, 37x 125ml, 19x 100ml)

Paint Scale

Complete Storage Trolley

Spectral Car Colour 2FX Download App (Colour Retrevial)

Spray Out Cards, Mixing Sticks and Mixing Cups

£899.99 Price: (inc VAT)


State of the art waterbourne basecoat system

Fast application and short flash of time for all repair surface sizes, with short drying time

Wet on Wet base layer system

Excellent hiding power for minimised for minimised hiding power


Option of Spectral Spectrophotometre @ £60 per month lease. Please enquire with email.

There is special affect Tinters available but do not come with Standard Smart Scheme. Please check refill tinters.


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