Setting Up Spraygun for Application

MaxMeyer tutorial on Setting up your Spraygun for Application. 



Step 1

Using a gauge and the correct set up size on the spraygun, set the spray gun to the spray gun manufacturers recommendations.

Step 2

Place a piece of paper onto a panel, onto a stand. Number across the top from 1/2 through to 4 at 1/2 increments.

Step 3

Screw the fluid delivery on the spraygun fully in and then turn out 1/2 a turn. Hold the spraygun approximately 5-6 inches from the paper in front of the 1/2 increment.

Step 4

Pull the spraygun trigger for approximately 1/2 second, this wil give you a fan pattern.

Step 5

Open the fluid delivery nob another 1/2 a turn and move to the next increment and pull the trigger.

Step 6

Continue this right the way through to 4 turns. The aim is to get maximum pattern size with minimum fluid delivery so it gives you maximum control of the spraygun and product.

Step 7

In this video the maximum pattern size with minimum fluid delivery is three turns. So screw the fluid delivery fully in and then screw out three full turns.

Step 8

Then spray on the paper for a feel of what it will be like when applying this product onto the panel.

Step 9

The spraygun is now set up correctly for the application of this product.


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