Finding a great car body repair specialist in Chelmsford can be something of a challenge. That’s not because there aren’t many out there – quite the opposite in fact! With so many to choose from though, identifying the right one to suit your needs can be a struggle. You need to find an expert in Chelmsford car body repairs who is reliable, has the right tools and experience to complete the job, and offers a great price for the work carried out.

Feeling overwhelmed by the choice out there? That’s where we are happy to come in and offer our assistance. We have been recommending the best providers of car body repairs Chelmsford has to offer for over 25 years now. We’ll take into account the work that needs doing and your location, and then point you in the direction of a suitable repairer.


The Providers of Car Repairs Chelmsford Customers Trust

Whether you have a dented bumper, or your car needs a respray, you don’t want to be out of pocket. We understand that our customers are looking for work carried out at great prices, which is why we only recommend repairers who have the best rates in Chelmsford. We do the shopping around so that you don’t have to.

All you need to do is give us your details and as much information as you can about your particular car body problem. The team here at Car Colour Services will assess all of that information, and will get back to you to you with a quote and an estimated time frame. We’ll give you all the information you need about your repairer, so you can get in touch with them right away and arrange your repair.

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    Services Include


    Alloy Wheel Repair

    We’ll put you in touch with a repairer who can repair and refurbish your wheels, restoring them to their original finish. We can also find you a repairer who can change the colour of your alloy wheels.


    Bumper Repairs

    Chelmsford repairers can deal with scuffs, scratches, dents, and plastic splits. Taking into consideration the options of repair or replace, colour matching, and correct preparation, we’ll recommend you a suitable specialist.


    Scruffs and Scratches

    Scuffs and scratches are so common, and we deal with a large number of enquiries relating to these. We can recommend you a repairer who will address your problem at your home or in their body shop.


    Car Resprays

    We only ever recommend specialists from whom we have seen examples of fantastic work, and offer great value for money too. However, prices can vary depending on the condition of your car and other factors, so it’s important to keep an open mind.


    Classic Car Restoration

    We are closely associated with some of the best classic car restorers in Chelmsford, and will only put you in touch with experienced professionals. We will also support you in your restoration project, with our extensive range of products designed for classic car restorations.


    Insurance Claims

    If you wish to go through insurance, we are able to recommend a car body shop local to you who have experience dealing with insurance companies, courtesy cars and claims processes. With such good service, you will be back on the road in no time at all.


    Custom Paintwork

    Not all car body shops are set up for custom paint work and may only provide other repair services. Thanks to our 25 years dealing with custom paint specialists in Chelmsford, we can recommend companies that are real experts in the field.


    Faded and Defected Paint

    Faded paintwork and manufacturer paint defects can ruin the look of a vehicle, and you’ll want to get yours sorted right way. One of the best ways of getting a fantastic finish is to flat/machine polish or repaint. We’ll take a close look at your paintwork, and tell you where to go from there.


    Bonnet Stone Chips

    The paintwork on your car bonnet deals with a huge amount of daily wear and tear. You don’t always have to replace the bonnet entirely though! We know a number of experienced car body repair specialists in Chelmsford, and they will often be able to restore your bonnet to its former glory.


    Dent Removal

    Dents are so common, but it takes an expert to get rid of them properly. All of our contacts in Chelmsford who specialise in dent repairs have the expertise and equipment to get rid of the damage efficiently.