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Whether you are dealing with a damaged bumper or defective paintwork, you’ll want to get your car back to its best as soon as possible. There are a wealth of car body repair Romford specialists, and that can make choosing the right one difficult. How can you know that they are reliable? Or if they have the right experience and tools to complete the job efficiently? If only there was a way to find the best providers of car repairs Romford has to offer. Well, luckily for you there is! 

Here at Car Colour Services, we have built up great relationships with car body repair specialists in Romford. Over the past 25 years, we have gotten to know who are the best in the area at what they do, and we would be delighted to put you in touch with someone who can bring your car back up to scratch. 

Providers of Car Body Repairs Romford Motorists Love

If you want us to find you the best car body repair company in Romford, then we’ll be able to do so. We only ever put you in touch with some of the most reputable experts in their fields, so you can rest assured that your car will be in the safest possible hands. 

To get the ball rolling, simply fill out our straightforward form so that we will have all the information that we need. Once one of our team members has looked over everything that you have provided, they will give you the contact details of a suitable repairer. We only recommend those who provide great value for money, and we will give you an idea of the time frame for the work too.

Services Include:

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    Alloy Wheel Repair

    Whether you are in need of someone who can restore your alloy wheels to their original finish or paint them in a different shade, we will be able to put you in touch with a trusted local expert. Their work will also prevent corrosion and loss of paint adherence. 

    Bumper Repairs

    A quality car body repair shop in Romford will quickly be able to deal with scuffs, scratches, dents, and splits in the plastics. We’ll consider whether you want your bumper repaired or replaced before we provide you with the name of a repairer. 

    Scuffs and Scratches

    Scuffs and scratches can happen to even the most cautious, experienced driver. We have great relationships with a number of repairers in the area, a number of whom can repair your car at your home or in their body shop. 

    Car Resprays

    The cost of having a car re-sprayed varies from garage to garage, and depends on the condition of your car. One thing that you can count on is us finding a specialist who offers the best possible value for your money. 

    Classic Car Restoration

    Classic cars deserve the best possible care, and we know a large number of vintage car garages who will be able to have your motor looking fantastic. We also stock a wide range of products for classic car restorations. 

    Insurance Claims

    Some people prefer to go through their insurance. If that’s you, we will put you in contact with a repairer who has plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies and the intricacies of claims processes, as well as courtesy cars. 

    Custom Paintwork

    There are a limited number of garages who provide truly exceptional custom paintwork, and fortunately for you we have great relationships with a number of them. They are all set up for specialist paintwork, guaranteeing you a great finish. 

    Faded and Defected Paint

    Faded paintwork and defected paint really ruin the appearance of a car – so why not call in the professionals? Whether they give your car a flat/machine polish or repaint it, one of our local contacts will have yours looking like new again. 

    Bonnet Stone Chips

    The paintwork on your car bonnet has to stand up to a lot of daily wear and tear on the roads. You don’t always have to replace or repaint an entire bonnet if it is damaged by stone chips, and we can recommend you a number of garages who specialise in spot repairs. 

    Dent Removal

    Dents, while common, can really affect the look of a car. We can give you the details of a garage who will be able to quickly remove dents from your car, leaving it smooth and looking as good as new.  

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