Car Colour Service’s specialise in Colour, our database allows us to mix paint for Car, Motorcycle, Commercial, Classic Car Colours and Custom Finish Paints. Purchase Car Paint here available in Basecoat (Metallics, Mica, Solid colours and Xirallics) , 2k Acrylic (Direct Gloss) and Car quality Cellulose (High Gloss Cellulose).

To achieve a colour match, ordering from the code is just a start. Many colours have variants, such as a darker shade or yellower shade. Car Colour Service’s are experts in colour matching which is a free of charge service, to learn more about our colour matching please click here. If you require a colour match then please email us and we can arrange!

Car Colour Service’s also supplies the Specialist Paints range of Custom paint finishes, from candy colours, fluorescent paints to flip colours, if you want something different please see our custom finishes.

Our other paint ranges include Leather and Trim Paints, Wood paints and Industrial paints for bare steel, brass, aluminium, PVC and ABS Plastics, Glass and more.