Are you looking for PPE equipment? Here at Car Colour Services, we have everything that you’ll need. Whether you are looking for PPE masks, overalls, or some hand cleaner, you’ll love our extensive product range. We offer great value on all products, and you will find PPE from the brands that you know and love. No wonder we are one of the most popular places to buy PPE products online! It’s all too easy to forget PPE, but masks, gloves, and overalls are some of the most essential products for you to have at work.

PPE Masks

Dust masks are vital when working with cars, and whether you opt for disposable PPE masks or reusable ones, you’ll need to make sure you have an adequate supply. If you need to stock up, you’ll be pleased to know that our range of dust masks include dual cartridge respirator masks, dust masks, and disposable PPE masks. You can also buy replacement cartridges and filters. So whether you need to buy new PPE dual cartridge masks, or your filters are a little past their best, our product range will not disappoint.

PPE Hand Cleaners and Overalls

Working with cars means handling a lot of materials that can irritate or even cause lasting damage to your skin. So it’s vital that you take all the necessary precautions. Our PPE range includes paint overalls, latex gloves that are powdered, along with powder free gloves for those who prefer those. Our gloves and PPE overalls will give you the protection that you need, so you can complete a job with confidence. We also stock a wide range of hand cleaners, which can remove a large number of paint, resins and adhesives from your skin.

PPE Equipment You Can Trust

Here at Car Colour Services, we source PPE products from brands that we know we can trust. You’ll recognise names like 3M, Gerson, Dupont, Bodyguards, and Loctite when you browse our range. So you can shop the brands that you love, or discover new favourites. We only ever work with brands that have an outstanding reputation, and all of the products that you see here are things that we would be happy to use ourselves. In fact, many of us do! You can go ahead and shop with total confidence.

Shop Our PPE Range Today!

Here at Car Colour Services, we don’t think that anyone should have to pay over the odds just to get the PPE that they need. That’s why we keep our prices low, giving you unbeatable value on some of the highest quality PPE available online. So why not take a look at our range today?