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Evercoat Rage Optex Glaze 880ml

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METAL GLAZE® OPTEX™ is the world’s best sanding polyester putty for use as
a finishing coat over body filler, large panels, or small spot filling. Its unparalleled
adhesion and sanding qualities are a result of the patented EcoResin™.
METAL GLAZE® OPTEX™ uses a new patent pending color change technology
that optically transitions from lavender to a mint green. Its unique thinner
viscosity makes it ideally suited for intermixing with other Metalworks® products
to improve flowout. Part of the METALWORKS® System. Blue cream hardener

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  • Sanded Body Filler
    ▪ Steel
    ▪ Aluminum
    ▪ Fiberglass
    ▪ E-Coat
    ▪ Silicon Bronze Welds
    ▪ Sanded OEM Paint
    ▪ Galvanized Steel
    ▪ SMC
    ▪ Stainless Steel
    ▪ Cured sanded 2K primer
    ▪ Rigid to Semi-Rigid Thermoset Plastics


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