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FERTAN is a patented rust solution, which leaves a blackened surface on treated metal. Residue from use is neither acidic or a film of converted rust. All metal corrosion is simply converted to a detached inert dust.

FERTAN has proven over the last thirty years to be one of the best ways to eliminate rust from steel and iron surfaces. Applying FERTAN leaves surfaces rust-free for up to six months in preparation for final coating.


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Fertan Rust Converter was designed to be the best converter and remover of rust to provide an object
suitable for overcoating.  Fertan will also provide resistance to further rust for up to 12 months without
painting (environment dependent).

Fertan Rust converter is applied to metal to destroy rust, protect the surface and act as a
primer for any finish coat.

FERTAN’s unique process converts loose rust to a powder that can be easily washed off, leaving a stable inert surface, which is safe from further rusting. FERTAN’s active ingredient, a complex, patented tannic acid, is water-based, allowing it to be a non-toxic and non-flammable.

It offers exceptional protection against rust and is environmentally friendly. Delays in your painting schedule will not be a disaster, and there’s no limit to your choice of final coating, whether it’s oil or water based paint, epoxy, lacquer, or wax. FERTAN is also useful on strong corrosion and bare metal.

Before application, surfaces must to be free from oil, grease, and silicon, since these would stop FERTAN’s water-based solution from reacting with the iron or steel surface. In the case of extreme corrosion, a second application may be necessary.

FERTAN can be applied by brush, roller, sponge, or spray. , 1 litre covers approximately 12 – 15 square meters ( 1 kg = 2.2 lbs – 108 sq ft ). It can be applied outdoors in any weather conditions, apart from frost.

Fertan Rust Converter typical applications include:

Cars, lorries, trailers, shipping, cranes, storage tanks, bridges, structural steel, Agricultural equipment.