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KOVAX Super Buflex Black 152mm P3000 Discs

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P3000 discs

25 discs


Innovative DRY sanding system used as final sanding step before polishing in various surface such as high solid/hard paint, fluorine clear, anti-scratch clear, water paint and more.


  • Compound polishing time can be largely reduced
  • Possible to polish without eliminating original paint texture
  • No water is needed
  • Extremely uniform and shallow scratch pattern
  • Sharply decrease a risk of rework

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Kovax Super Buflex, a unique, dry sanding integrates an ultra-flexible latex abrasive disc and a exclusive soft pad that cuts fast with a shallow scratch pattern which is easier to polish than grit 3000 or finer. Due to it‘s flexibility, Buflex can polish perfectly without altering original paint texture. Extremely uniform and shallow scratch pattern are the main reasons why Buflex system can produce beautiful finishes in much less time. Now, you can achieve “Zero Water” system thanks to Kovax Buflex.


-Reduce buffing time by 50% or more

-Zero Water upto 3000 or finer

-Immaculate finishes (High Gloss), with original paint texture unaltered.


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Technical Data

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