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Mipa 1K-Haftpromoter 400ml

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Colourless transparent special adhesion promoter for metal substrates of any kind. Can even be used on problematic substrates such as anodized aluminium or copper without sanding. No influence on the transparency of a subsequent clearcoat. Can also be used as transparent plastic primer.

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Mipa 1K-Haftpromoter (adhesion promoter) is a completely colourless universal plastic primer for many commonly
used plastics in the automotive sector (e. g. PP-EPDM, ABS, PC, ABS-PC, PMMA, PA, PUR, PVC, GRP). Its special
formulation provides adhesion to even the most challenging substrates without prior sanding. It can be used on steel,
aluminium (also polished or anodized), zinced substrates, stainless steel (also polished), non-ferrous metals (also
polished), chromed substrates, powder coatings and cathodic dip coatings. Time saving results can be achieved since
the material is fast drying, recoatable and the fact that there is no sanding required. Recoatable with Mipa 1K and 2K
topcoats. Mipa 1K-Haftpromoter is colourless, UV-resistant and therefore ideal for recoating with Mipa clearcoats.


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