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Novol Spectral Klar 545-00 VHS Energy Saving Clear Kit

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Our new Novol Spectral Klar 545-00 VHS Energy Saving Clear Kit – Lacquer H6115 Activator 7.5l is available!

15 min bake at 40 degree Celsius with exceptional gloss.

5lt 545-00 and 2.5lt H6115 Hardener

  • Extremely short time to polishing (15 min/40°C or 3h/20°C)
  • Reduction of heating costs in the spray booth – 50%
  • Long open time which allows for painting large areas (whole car)
  • Very high final hardness curing at room and elevated temperature
  • Perfect levelling
  • Very high solid content (ca.60%)

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Spectral 545-00 can save you energy when baking as this clear coat dries in 15 minutes at only 40 degree Celsius panel temperature compared to most clear coats which need to be at 60 degree Celsius panel temperature.

Spectral 545-00 has also been designed in mind for Electric vehicles, the lower bake at 40 degree Celsius allows for the battery pack to stay in the vehicle.

Baking an electric vehicle at 40 degree Celsius can now be done in 15 minutes.

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