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Novol Spectral Klar 565-00 VHS Clear Kit

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New from Novol the Spectral 565-00 VHS Clear Coat – Lacquer H6115 Activator 7.5l Kit!

5 minute bake at 60 degree Celsius panel temperature.

5lt 565-00 + 2.5lt H6115 Hardener

Properties for Spectral 565-00
  • Extremely short time to polishing (5 min/60°C, 20 min/40°C or 3 h/20°C)
  • Long open time which allows for painting large areas (whole car)
  • Very high final hardness curing at room and elevated temperature
  • High gloss and transparency
  • Perfect levelling
  • Very high solid content (ca. 60%)
Application Tips:

Do not put thinners in, this can cause solvent popping.

Standard hardener when baking is normally best option

To keep viscosity at correct levels, keep the Spectral 565-00 clear coat at room temperature. If cold, this will thicken the product and cause you to thin it which will effect spraying and cause solvent popping.

1 closed coat, allow correct flash off times and then 1 full coat.

Read technical data sheet for full information.

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