R-M Graphite HD Mixing Scheme


The R-M paint line for trucks, buses, coaches and all commercial vehicles!

In response to the needs of the road transport industry, where productivity and material costs are vital economic factors, R-M has developed a comprehensive product line for (re)finishing all types of commercial vehicles.




GRAPHITE HD is a highly efficient commercial vehicle topcoat process, which can be completed in a single operation, applying just one and half coats to achieve complete opacity. Based on 22 basic colors, GRAPHITE HD provides the capability to mix 60,000 colors. Naturally GRAPHITE HD, being an R-M product, benefits from world leading color support through the Color Guide and Colortronic 2, ensuring fast, accurate and reliable color matching.

GRAPHITE HD can be used with the bodyshops’ existing spraying equipment, so there is no need to re-invest. CV bodyshops using GRAPHITE HD can achieve a significant reduction in material consumption and time saving.

Product and Time saving

GRAPHITE HD can help increase the productivity of your bodyshop significantly while offering you the following benefits:
– Faster application times.
– A highly concentrated product which benefits from the latest advancements in pigment technology (only one and a half coats required).
– Better hiding power and build.
– Short drying times compared to conventional materials.

GRAPHITE HD ’s high-quality products ensure fast and easy application and can help increase the productivity of your bodyshop.

A comprehensive product line… meeting all your needs

GRAPHITE HD is more than just a paint line, it is a complete paint system:

– The undercoat portfolio offers solutions for all types of paint finishing jobs.
– The chassis paints (in the desired color) can be applied directlly to all types of steel substrates without the prior application of a primer.
– The paint line also includes innovative products such ad the GRAPHITE HD DECO A additive which allows the application
of decorative elements (stripes, sign-writing etc.) in record time.
– The GRAPHITE HD Color Guide ensures painters can match the right color, fast!

Of course we also offer training courses at R-M facilities or at your own bodyshop to help you get the best from GRAPHITE HD.

Technical Data