Masterflo, the world leaders in retractable spray booths, have now introduced SMARTRE-FLEX. This is the first foldaway automotive SMART Repair Spray Booth System and is designed to maximise workshop space and increase your productivity.

£11,400.00 Price: (inc VAT)



SMARTRE-FLEX is the ideal spray booth solution for SMART repairs, panel & parts painting and priming. It is also an excellent alloy wheel spray booth, ideal for all alloy wheel refurbishment.  SMARTRE-FLEX has a built-in work station with a mixing bench, storage area, compressed air regulator and a spray gun hook. The exhaust fan provides strong airflow and constant fume extraction.

Our SMART repair booths have reinforced flame retardant clear sheeting, which allows in natural light for perfect colour matching and gives excellent visibility. There is an access door, for quick and easy access to your colour tinting system.

SMARTRE-FLEX foldaway spray booths are also the answer to ‘occasional-use’ situations. They are easily retracted to 16% of the extended length, leaving valuable floor space for other work processes.

The SMART repair spray booth is supplied in kit form, with a full instruction manual for easy assembly, use and maintenance.

  • Andreae filter – captures overspray with 99.1% efficiency
  • Built-in work station
  • Protected exhaust fan (0.75kW)
  • Clear flame retardant reinforced PVC
  • Durable non-corrosive finish – built to last
  • Very economical running costs
  • Made in Great Britain

 Design  Supply  Install



All preparation, sanding and filling, painting, wheel refurbishment…
0.5m/s this meet European standards.
No heating in the booth, we recommend Infrared lamps for paint drying.
PVC sheeting is extremely durable, nylon reinforced and flame retardant.
Booth comes with a peel-n-seal coating that you apply to the pvc when its new. When it gets dirty with overspray peel off and reapply.
Must be ducted out to atmosphere with 500mm diameter round ducting
Yes, you can extend just 1 or 2 modules if you want, starting with the first module.
Yes, comes in kit form ready to assemble.
Yes, door and mixing bench are reversible when you assemble.
Yes, each folding module has a set of wheels. Advise that it should be operated by two people.
Filters need to be replaced but only when they get blocked this depends on usage – average is every 2 months.