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STP FLEX – SPRAYABLE SEALANT 290ML (Different colours)

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One 290ml tube.


STP FLEX is an STP resin-based sprayable hybrid sealant. The product is intended for sealing and protection of overlapping and welded metal sheet joints of motor vehicle bodies and regeneration of OEM-deposited sealant textures. The final texture varies with the specific gun nozzles from thin stripes to dashed.

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STP FLEX features:

  1. Advanced hybrid compound technology
  2. Perfect adhesion to substrates
  3. Short curing
  4. Results in finished surfaces which are coatable wet on wet with water-borne or thinner basecoats
  5. Very long chemical activity: coatable for 10 days after sealing
  6. High stability and good weather resistance
  7. Good sound-proofing and vibration-damping performance
  8. Isocyanate free: does not irritate the skin or airways during use

The STP FLEX Sprayable Sealant ensures perfect adhesion to bare (non-primed) substrates (carbon steel, galvanized sheets and aluminium), acrylic or epoxy basecoats, and old paint coats. The product can regenerate the original sealant textures on car bodies.

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