Car Touch Up Paint and Aerosols

Mixed Car Touch Up Paint and Aerosols

Car touch up paint is designed to treat small chips and scratches on your bodywork to create a smooth, flawless exterior. Our standard mixed basecoat paint comes pre-mixed with 1k lacquer to provide that all-important gloss finish.

Nicks, scrapes and minor scratches are an irritant for drivers who like to keep their vehicles in top condition. But there’s no need to invest in an expensive re-spray to cover up these small inconsistences – our 50ml bottles of automotive paint are sure to do the trick. They’re simple to use and will blend seamlessly into your car’s existing colour. Professionals and novices alike will be able to get to grips with car touch up paint in a matter of minutes.

When applied correctly, automotive touch up paint will enhance the resale value of your car. It not only provides a professional-looking aesthetic, it also protects the paintwork against rust to ensure your ride remains looking at its best.

Our car touch up aerosol paint comes with two brushes. One is attached to the lid of the touch up cap, and the other is an additional artists’ brush suitable for painting over finer scratches.

As a guide, 50ml is more than enough when dealing with minor scratches and stone chips.

How to Purchase the Correct Touch Up Paint

First, click onto the product that best meets your needs. You can choose from standard car touch up paint, our paint with added G3 compound and various mixed paint aerosols. Then, specify the colour code, car manufacturer and car model, based on the results of your colour code search. You’ll also need to provide several other details relating to your vehicle, including its year, general colour and paint type.

When you’re happy with your selection, simply check out securely. If you order before 1pm, you can expect to receive your car touch up paint on the next working day. Please visit our delivery information page to learn more about our shipping terms.

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