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400ml Mixed Paint Aerosol

– 400ml of high quality paint, mixed to formula.
– High Quality Fan Jet Nozzle, replicating Spray Gun.
– Pumped into Promatic aerosols providing HVLP style atomisation, very little overspray and constant pressure.

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Car Spray Paint

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Differences in Paint Types-:
Basecoat – will require a lacquer topcoat to provide gloss and protection. This is what you will need if your colour is a metallic. Please see below for lacquer Aerosols or click here.
2K Acrylic – Gives ‘Direct Gloss’ no need for clear coat, very durable. Only available in Solid Colours (Straight white, Straight red, no metallics etc) This paint requires a hardener for it to dry, this is added to the Aerosol and you have at most 48 hours to use it before it goes hard in the can. 2k Acrylic paints contain isocyanates and correct PPE must be worn.
Cellulose – Mainly solid colours, no need for lacquer to obtain gloss. Modern cars will not be formulated in Cellulose, should only be used for Industrial or Classic Car use.
Make sure Aerosol is not cold when using, and shake well. If you have any questions please give us a call or contact us here.

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