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Gerko Panel bonding adhesive 195ml

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Gerko panel bonding adhesive is a two-component structural epoxy adhesive system intended for use in bonding metal and composite panels. The thickness of the bonding adhesive is determined by 0.25mm glass beads in the adhesive.

The 2:1 adhesive system is available in 195ml universal cartridge format. The universal cartridge can be used with a 1K sealant gun with a high trigger ratio (recommended 26:1).

  • Curing at room temperature, heat acceleration possible

  • Long open time of 60 min, processing within 4 hours @23°C, fully cured in 24 hours

  • Resistant to automotive e-coat, powder ground and paint oven temperatures up to 230°C

  • Spot weldable (not cured!)

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Bond metal, SMC, ABS, aluminum, galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel. Join metal panels with the same or different metal composition. High energy absorption and very good crash performance. With corrosion protection for use on bare metal. Ambient cure. Paintable after curing.

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