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Novol for Classic Car PREMIUM CSR CLEARCOAT 3:1 Kit – Clear + Hardener + Thinner

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– A product designed and dedicated for renovation of classic cars

– Innovative coating scratch resistance system (CSR)

– Superb flowability

– Long open time which allows for painting large areas (whole car)

– Very high UV resistance

– High solid particle content

– 2.5 litre clearcoat, 840ml hardener, 1lt thinner for CSR Clear



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Ceramic Coating for Classic Car Restoration

This Ceramic Coating is part of the Novol for Classic Car System, the Ceramic Clear Coat is designed for high gloss showroom finishes while the ceramic properties give the vehicle a ultra tough durability.

Classic Car Restoration is a huge investment and the Clear Coat can be the make or break of the project. Firstly the CSR Clear Coat has an outstanding finish (please see pictures) which should not be underestimated for the value of the vehicle.

Secondly the life time of ordinary clear coats may depreciate in quality (yellow, drop in gloss, easily scratch) which is why the Novol for Classic Car Ceramic Clear Coat is designed to uphold its gloss finish and the ceramic properties will prevent the ease of scratches many modern clear coats are susceptible to.


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Technical Data

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