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Novol for Classic Car P-S ALUMINIUM – Polyester spray filler with aluminium powder

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– A product designed and dedicated for renovation of classic cars

– Application of thick layers is possible

– High yield

– Good hiding power

– Perfect filling properties

– The aluminium powder increases resistance to high temperatures and guarantees excellent adhesion

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Assigning the appropriate putty types to specific vehicle parts is extremely critical to the repair and renovation process. The engine bonnet and the roof are exposed to high temperatures, and the aluminium putty is recommended to repair their defects. Its formula features aluminium fillers, a component from the polyester segment that boast the best heat conductivity. This protects the repaired details from overheating. The process is followed with the Novol for Classic Car P-S ALUMINIUM, a material that contains aluminium dust, to sculpt the finished lines of the vehicle with the maximum thermal protection of the vehicle.

The fillers and resin compounds applied in these products are state of the art solutions in chemical engineering which ensure the best finish when used in combination with the know-how of classic car renovation professionals.

Pay for quality and reduce the large cost of mistakes.

Classic Car Restoration is a huge investment and the Novol for Classic Car system has quality in mind for each product and each step of the process. Quality features such as colour changing filler giving a visual quality check to proceed to the next stage, aluminium particles in certain fillers for heat sensitive areas or Epoxy Primers with gloss finishes to highlight imperfections and reduce filler work. Pay for quality and reduce the large cost of mistakes.

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Technical Data

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