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ROAR 620 Extreme Fine Grade 1kg

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ROAR 620 Extreme Fine Grade 1kg

Finishing compound after using the 610 Extreme Cut

  • One step removal of swirl marks and holograms
  • Easy to clean and wipe the compound
  • Simple and easy to use

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ROAR 620 Extreme Fine Grade should be used for fine scratches or swirl marks. Or as the second stage of polishing after using ROAR 610 Extreme Cut.

  1. Identify Clear Coat type – UHS, Scratch Resistant or OEM clear coats will require the orange waffle head. Medium and High Solid Clear coats will require the black polishing waffle head.
  2. Add a suitable amount of compound to the surface
  3. Speed the polishing machine up to 1500-2000rpm
  4. Check sanding marks have been removed. Then wipe clean with a microfibre cloth.
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Technical Data

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