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ROAR CERAMIC CUT 1010 Cutting Compound 1kg

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ROAR CERAMIC CUT 1010 Cutting Compound 1kg

  • Removes coarse scratches and heavy abrasion equivalent to P1500 sanding marks or finder.
  • Designed for HS paint systems including the latest scratch resistant and rapid air dry finishes.
  • Faster and more efficient process speed.
  • Silicone Free, body shop safe formula.
  • Easy handling.



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What is ROAR Ceramic Abrasive Technology?

Roar Ceramic Abrasive Technology is a completely new approach to the abrasive system used within the compound. To achieve a very fast cutting action there will always be a trade off for the achievable finish within one step. Ceramic abrasive enables us to provide a quicker cutting action but importantly retain an excellent finish.

Why use ROAR Ceramic Cut Compound?

As refinish systems evolve with ever changing compliancy and performance requirements, paint finishes are becoming more robust and scratch resistant. Sanding processes have become finer to aid the polishing process but previous compounds are nearing the end of their development cycle. ROAR took a new approach to achieve the next step of performance with the development of Ceramic Cut looking very much towards the future.

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