Wheel and Tire Detailing – KDS Guide

If you want to achieve very clean and glossy wheels, read the KDS guide by clicking the picture below.



Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Waxing – KDS Guide

Learn how to protect your vehicles paintwork with KDS’s guide on Waxing. Also learn the main stages of detailing from paint correction through to maintaining the finish. Click the picture below to read the full guide. 



1) Introduction

2) Which wax to choose? 

3) Multi Layers of Wax

4) All in one

5) Detailing Stages



Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Washing and Drying – KDS Guide

A great guide on Washing and Drying your vehicle, explaining in detail what to avoid to prevent swirl marks and scratches. This guide explains why products are used and why products like sponges should be avoided. A very easy to view chart outlining the different stages gives the reader a good understanding of how to wash their car properly to keep it in good condition. Please click the wash mitt to read the full guide!



1) Introduction

2) Products to use and avoid

3) Snow Foam

4) Recommended Products

5) Stages Chart



Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Paint Correction – KDS Guide

A very in-depth guide on Paint Correction explaining what, why and how it is performed along with good information for you to understand the differences of products used in different situations. To read the KDS guide please click the picture below, full contents is here:



1) Why is Paint Correction a must?

2) What is Paint Correction?

3) Orange Peel

4) Understanding Paint Correction

5) Rotary Vs Dual Action Polishing

6) Paint Depth

7) KDS Paint Condition Charts



PaintcorrectionReference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Microfibre – KDS Guide

A detailed explanation and description of Microfibres, how they work and different types. To read the guide please click the picture below.





Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Interior – KDS Guide

A good overview of Interior cleaning for your car, going through each areas of the interior that need looking after such as carpets/mats, dashboards and leather.



1) Dashboard and Console

2) Door Panels

3) Upholstery Leather

4) Fabric

5) Carpet/Mats






Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Glass and Plastic – KDS Guide

Guide on how to clean and take care of the glass and plastic on your car, including maintaining clear headlights. Please click the picture below to read the guide.



1) Glass Cleaners

2) Microfibre Towels

3) Clear Plastic Windows

4) Headlights




Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Detailing your Engine Bay – KDS Guide

Learn how to clean your engine bay thoroughly and to make sure to protect it. Please click the picture below to read the KDS Guide.


1) Preparing the Engine

2) Applying Degreaser

3) Rinsing the Engine Bay

4) Protecting and making your Engine Bay look good


Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Common Defects – KDS Guide

List of common defects your car will come across over time caused by us or our environment. To read in detail please click the picture below.



1) Contamination

2) Swirl marks

3) Scratches

4) Stone Chips

5) Oxidisation

6) Buffer Marks

7) Bird Droppings




Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

Cleaning your convertible roof – KDS Guide

Learn how to clean the soft top and plastic on your convertible roof, click the picture below for the guide.



1) Cleaning your convertible roof

2) Cleaning/Protecting your convertible’s plastic window

3) Protecting your roof 






Reference: http://www.kdskeltec.co.uk

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