How to restore Headlights (light repair)

For plastic headlights only.

Innotecs Liquid Glass offers a new simple solution to restoring faded headlights. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to restore a faded headlight where there is not too much damage such as deep scratches, cracked plastic.




Step 1

You won’t need to remove the headlight, howevever mask up the surrounding area ensuring any paint work below the lens is completely covered with plastic sheeting.. Leave enough space around the headlight edges for the liquid glass to fully run across the surface of the light.

Step 2

Degrease and clean the headlight thoroughly, remove as much grime as possible.

Step 3

Using a Ultra Fine Grey Scotch Pad, rub down the headlight in a horizontal motion until the surface is flatted.

Step 4

Wipe clean the headlight again.

Step 5

Using a Ultra Fine Grey Scotch Pad in a horizontal motion, rub down the headlight until smooth.

Step 6

Degrease and clean the surface to prepare for the liquid glass.

Step 7

Take the liquid glass , attach the nozzle to the pressure can and check whether the outflow is regular.

Step 8

Liquid glass must be applied to the lens using the flow-coat method. This has to be done in one flowing/smooth movement and in one close layer (see picture, application method).


Step 9

Allow the lens to drip dry (if necessary, pat dry the edges with a non-fluffy cloth).

Step 10

Allow the applied coating to dry for ±15 minutes at room temperature.

Step 11

Stick the included temperature indicating sticker on an even area near lens; it will assure you after the treatment that the required temperature has been reached.

Step 12

In order to allow Liquid glass to cure, use a heat source from a distance of at least 60cm, heat for at least 90 minutes.