KOVAX Imperection Kit – System for removing imperfections

This kit contains everything a bodyshop requires to successfully carry out a small repair or imperfection on a panel. Unlike others in the market the Kovax system is used completely dry, making it a lot quicker, cleaner and easier to use









 Purchase here: https://www.carcolourservices.co.uk/product/kovax-basic-imperfection-kit/


Sanding Advice:

1) Depending on the size of the imperfection, you start with Tolecut Pink. Then further reducing the sanding scratches with Tolecut green, followed by Tolecut black.

2) For a perfect end result and minimal polishing time, we advice to finish with Buflex Dry Black after Tolecut and to use the Kovax Polishing System for the entire polish process. If it is a large imperfection, it may be preferable to use Yellow Film (1500) 35mm prior to Tolecut


The kit contains:


Kit content (part no. 999-8804):

100 pcs. P1500 Yellow Film 35mm (881-1500)

25 sheets P2000 Tolecut 1/8 cut pink (191-1523)
25 sheets P2500 Tolecut 1/8 cut green (191-1522)

25 sheets P3000 Tolecut 1/8 cut black (191-1521)

25 sheets P3000 Buflex Dry black (191-1531)

1 pad for Buflex Dry sheets (971-0060)

2 double finger pads for Yellow Film 35mm (971-0023)

2 Toleblocks for Tolecut 1/8 cut (971-0047) + 1 FREE micro fibre cloth

Reference: http://www.kovax.nl/